With the right support, you can do anything. Now you don’t have to choose between providing for your people and focusing on your bottom line. With a defined contribution retirement plan, employers and employees work together to build financial security. Increase productivity and satisfaction at work—and power your business—by giving your people solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of today’s workforce.

Corporate 401(k)

Dedicated support and flexible investments in one solution

We’ve got you covered. Your employees need flexible retirement options and your business needs streamlined solutions that drive results. When you choose MassMutual as your 401(k) plan provider, you’ll receive access to a full suite of flexible investment options (including the award-winning MassMutual Funds), full time administrative support to streamline workflow, and engaging communication programs like RetireSmartSM that talk to—not at—your employees.

Not For Profit

Connecting time-tested experience with innovative solutions

We’re here to help you, so that you can help others. We’ve provided retirement plan solutions to tax-exempt employers for more than 65 years, making us one of the most experienced providers in the business. You can overcome any challenge and contribute to the greater good when you choose our time-tested experience and innovative solutions.


Helping government entities for more than 60 years

It’s not easy being you. Managing your 457(b), 401(a) or grandfathered 401(k) plan is a big responsibility. We’ll help take that weight off your shoulders. You'll benefit from the strength and stability that our 60 years of experience with government entities brings. We'll help you get the job done now and plan for the future.


Top-rated retirement service provider for more than 40 years

We understand what it takes for you to negotiate strong benefits and provide your members with the tools they need to succeed at work. MassMutual gives you that same level of support as a retirement plan provider. We’ll deliver the specialized coaching, customized education, and easy-to-use tools that your members need to build their retirement paycheck. Plus, you can feel confident knowing our Responsible Contractor Policy puts in writing our practice of hiring responsible contractors that provide appropriate worker training and comply with wage and hours laws and workplace safety regulations.


Maximize value with benefits that work with your existing program

We know that you know the meaning of value (try saying that five times fast). We understand that your value is based not only in what services you offer but also how you interact with your employers. You need a strong 401(k) offering to round out your value-added employee benefits services. MassMutual, a leading 401(k) provider and global industry leader, helps maximize your value by enhancing and complementing your benefits offerings at every turn.

How Are You Managing Fiduciary Risk?

If you're confused by the DOL rules, don’t worry; you’re not alone. Effectively navigating the fiduciary landscape is critical. With MassMutual, you've got a guide there to spot the pitfalls, safeguard you from liability issues, and steer you through the new government issued regulations. Provide for your people while protecting your business with fiduciary-specific services from MassMutual.

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