In the Spotlight

Weighing In on Advisor Value

Here’s a few recent articles from our very own Tom Foster posted around the Web that may be of interest to financial advisors…


 “The 3 ‘Rs’ of a 401k Advisor’s Value Proposition” at

“Advisors need to explain ‘why’ they do what they do before describing the ‘what’ to form better, tighter connections with clients.”


Enhance the Financial Wellness Of Your Clients” at Financial Advisor.

“Financial advisors and benefits professionals can help plug the proverbial “hole in the bucket” by recommending that employers offer voluntary benefits that complement retirement plans, providing alternative sources of emergency cash. These voluntary benefits are designed to help employees address financial emergencies such as a critical illness, disability, accident, big car repair bill or other misfortune without cracking open their retirement savings.”


Drowning in a ‘Sea of Sameness’” at Advisor Magazine.

“What is it that distinguishes an advisor from the other fish in the sea? What defines an advisor to prospective retirement plan sponsors as a Starfish instead of just another Dogfish? MassMutual Retirement Services recently conducted research that found plan sponsors were more likely to work with a financial advisor who offers a specific value proposition of capabilities and service.”

E. Thomas Foster Jr. is Assistant Vice President, Strategy and Relationships, for MassMutual, a division of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co.