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Save Time and Increase Efficiency: Apps to Explore

By MassMutual@Work

A countless number of apps on the market promise to make you more productive in your professional life. But how do you know which ones will work best for you?

Thankfully, there are a number of resources to help you decide:

  • Begin by visiting the online app store for your type of device. To zero in on a particular type of app, search by business activity and sort the results by popularity and cost (free or paid). Also check out the customer reviews; they’re an invaluable source of unbiased feedback on each app’s features, drawbacks and benefits.
  • Talk to your friends and business associates. They’ll probably be more than happy to share their discoveries and assessments with you.
  • Read online reviews. App-savvy reviewers keep constant pace with new apps as they’re released to the market and publish their evaluations of the best and most reliable.

The list of top-rated apps below is another good place to begin experimenting and testing. Most of these apps are free, and many offer upgrades or business versions for a small investment. They also run on just about any device.

1. Schedule appointments with ease.

To book and track meetings, appointments and events online — and allow your clients to self-book meeting times with you, try out these apps:

2. Stay organized.

Numerous apps are available for managing all of your to-dos. These three apps not only let you capture, share and manage your tasks, they also sync automatically so you can track your to-dos across multiple devices. If you’ve shared your lists with others, they can see and update your to-dos, too.

3. Access files on the go.

Now you can store your files in the cloud and access them from any device—your office computer, home computer and even the public computer at the library. These are three of the top apps for storing and accessing files:

4. Save and file documents and information.

These cloud-based apps allow you to store and organize all kinds of information and files, from handwritten notes, article clippings and text files to emails, images and audio. You can also share your “notes” with others and keep them in sync on all of your devices:

5. Capture digital signatures.

With these apps, your clients can sign digital documents using a stylus or their finger, relieving you (and them) of the need for paper documents and scanning and filing later:

6. Scan documents without bulky devices.

Now you can scan images of receipts, photographs and entire documents using an app on your smartphone or tablet, making bulky scanning devices a technology of the past. Your scanned images appear as a PDF or JPEG image that you can edit, email or upload to cloud-storage providers such as DropBox or Evernote. Top-rated apps include:

7. Meet face-to-face…without being in-person.

When an in-person meeting isn’t possible or practical, you can meet face-to-face with your clients from the convenience or your phone, tablet or computer screen using:

  • Skype (visit your app store for more information)
  • Google Hangouts (visit your app store for more information
  • Tango

8. Keep track of your passwords.

How many different passwords do you have to remember? Ten, 20 or more? With these apps, you only need to remember one no matter what device you’re using. The app keeps track the rest, safely locking them away within its password manager, and effortlessly logs you into your favorite sites.

So there’s your digital food for thought. It may take some time and energy to find the technology that works for you—but the efficiency gained in the long run may be worth it! Also remember that new and better apps are being released all the time, so once you’re made your choices, check in every year or so to make sure you’re taking advantage of the latest technology and functionality.

Please take the time to review the terms and agreements of each application before engaging with the app, especially when dealing with non-public information.  MassMutual does not endorse any of these products.

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