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Post-Pitch Checklist: The Big 3

You’ve just given a stellar presentation. Now what? Here are the “big 3” actions you should take post-pitch.

Go over what you did in the meeting, and evaluate what worked and what didn’t. If you presented with a team, meet and give specific and constructive feedback to help your teammates constantly improve their presentation skills. It’s also a good time to cover next steps and discuss how follow-up will be handled.

After debrief, follow up with the prospect. You may have given your best presentation ever, but you probably weren’t the only contender for business in that room, so take the opportunity to restate your value and make sure the prospect isn’t forgetting about you and all you bring to the table. You should also address any takeaways, like providing answers to questions you couldn’t answer during the meeting. And don’t forget to thank the prospect for their time! (And if you need some pointers on finding your follow-up sweet spot, check this out.)

Use what you learned in the debrief stage to improve the plan for your next presentation. It may also come in handy when the prospect you just wowed calls you back with more questions, or if you have a follow-up meeting with them.

There’s not much to the post-pitch process, but taking care of these three things is essential for helping you stay prepared to take on the business from a successful pitch and to keep getting out there and prospecting for new clients!