Fiduciary Resources

Fiduciary Education Videos

By MassMutual@Work

Education is half the battle. Learn more about your fiduciary responsibilities and opportunities. To get the most out of this video series, view them in sequential order.

#1: Being a fiduciary

Are you a fiduciary? Learn what defines a fiduciary along with which roles, titles, and responsibilities fit the definition.

RS: 39758-00

#2: Meeting your fiduciary obligations

Do you want to go it alone or would you like to get help from an independent fiduciary to meet ERISA fiduciary obligations?  Learn more about your options for getting help, if you need it.

RS: 39871-00

#3: Accessing fiduciary resources and tools

Do you have the tools and resources to help you take advantage of opportunities and meet your fiduciary obligations? Learn about the tools and resources that can help support you in your role as a fiduciary.

RS: 39875-00