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Grow Your Value: Answers and Adaptations

Do employees have the right tools and guidance to be retirement ready when the time comes? Are the right fiduciary choices being made for retirement plan sponsors? What does it take for advisors to successfully adapt in the changing financial services world? 

Here are a few recent articles from our very own Tom Foster that may be of interest to financial advisors. 


Fiduciary Fitting: Are Your Clients 3(38)s or 3(21)s? at Financial Advisor

"When selecting a suit, there are choices to be made: single or double-breasted; slim, classic or athletic fit; notch or peak lapels; center vent, side vents or no vent, to name a few. Making the right choices can be the difference between being confident or feeling unsure.

"It’s the same with fiduciary protection services for clients who sponsor retirement savings plans. There are different levels of services and options. Ensuring the right fit can make all the difference in the amount of protection, confidence and flexibility afforded to the plan sponsor."


Your CFO Clients Want to Know: Are Their Employees Retirement Ready? at Financial Advisor

"With the choppy growth of the U.S. and international economies over the past few years, chief financial officers (CFOs) face many headwinds. They are searching harder for new ways to grow revenues, cut costs, and measure and monitor business performance.

"One of the biggest challenges CFOs are encountering, however, is not economic but demographic: how best to cope with America’s aging workforce and the higher costs associated with older workers for health care, disability and workers’ compensation insurance."


Of Hummingbirds, Dogs and Other Adaptations at Financial Advisor

"Like Hummingbirds, dogs and other creatures, financial advisors who serve the retirement plans marketplace also must adapt to succeed. New strategies and behaviors are often needed to meet the changing demands of plan sponsors, comply with new regulations or seize emerging opportunities as the marketplace evolves."

E. Thomas Foster Jr. is Assistant Vice President, Strategy and Relationships, for MassMutual, a division of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co.