Show your clients what having financially unprepared employees could really be costing them.


Get the CFO's Ear

Great advisors know that a healthy retirement plan is a big part of a healthy company. But CFOs won’t buy it unless you show them numbers – which is what Viability does.


Help employers help employees

The Viability approach can help you help employers apply smart plan design to improve employee and company financial health.


Look like a rockstar

Bring value to your clients with data-based recommendations for strong plan health.

Financially viable companies start with financially well employees.


You know how important it is to have retirement-age employees ready to retire (unless they really, really love their jobs).

You know that the advent of Defined Contribution plans and employers switching from benefits providers to benefits facilitators didn’t really make the risks go away – it just moved them. You know that benefit dollars only go so far, and the more an employer can help their employees with financial readiness, the better off everyone will be.

You know all this. But do your clients?

Now you can show them – really show them, with actual numbers. Because having retirement-ready, financially-well employees isn’t a “nice to have” – it’s essential not only for the employees’ financial wellness (and greater peace of mind in the workplace) but also for the employer’s viability.  If an employer will give us their data, we can run the numbers to show them the liability they create for themselves by not helping their employees retire at their normal retirement age.  And with those numbers in hand, it’ll be easier than ever for you to decide on the best design changes that will help those employees – and their employers – achieve better financial wellness.

Call up the CFO – it’s time for them to join the conversation, because with the Viability approach you’re finally speaking their language.

Discover what Viability can do for your clients.

The Viability analysis is free, no matter what size the client, and it’s only available through advisors. We can offer not only smart plan design recommendations to our clients, but also access to MapMyBenefitsSM, our exclusive, proprietary financial wellness planning tool.

To find out how you can bring this innovative, data-based approach to retirement planning to your clients, call MassMutual’s Viability Advisory GroupSM today at 1-800-874-2502, option 4.