When employees unlock the value of all their benefits, they can spend less time worrying—and more time working.


Personalized Guidance*

Provides employees with individualized guidance on the allocation of their benefit dollars across the entire range of benefits.


Empowers Employees

Enables employees to make smart, educated benefits decisions they’ll feel good about.


Easy to Integrate

Integrates seamlessly within existing benefits programs and makes open enrollment a smoother, more successful process for everyone.

An exclusive, powerful, user-friendly benefits planning tool…


Holistic benefits

While most planning tools only pertain to one kind of benefit, MapMyBenefits provides employees with a customized prioritization of how to allocate benefit dollars across protection and retirement products to meet their unique needs.


Easy, online guidance 24/7*

When employees want help choosing and prioritizing available benefits, MapMyBenefits is available anytime to create a simple benefits action plan tailored to their specific situation and budget. And the MapMyBenefits mobile app lets employees plan when it’s convenient for them.


Self-service efficiency

Easy access to answers can help reduce incoming calls and email traffic for benefits management teams. When employees are more educated about their options, they can make smarter choices. They’ll also gain a better understanding of the value of an organization’s benefit offerings.

MapMyBenefits can help you build stronger client relationships.

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