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At MassMutual, we understand the challenges you face. With more than $770 billion in assets under management,1 we’re not only one of the largest retirement plan providers, we are also one of the world’s leading investment firms allowing us to offer options that can help meet the unique needs of retirement plan participants.

While some retirement providers manage all their investments in-house, we work differently. For almost two decades, we’ve been hiring external managers to manage our investment solutions. This independent structure gives us the flexibility to co-create investment solutions with some of the best retail, institutional, and boutique investment managers from across the industry.

By combining the expertise of outside speciality managers with MassMutual’s time-tested investment approach, we offer an investment platform of standout solutions to help meet the needs of plan sponsors and their plan participants.

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Gain insights into the retirement savings disconnect

Nearly 6 in 10 pre-retirees have less than $250,000 in their workplace retirement savings plan2. What is driving this lack of readiness? One contributing factor is often the employee’s investments. 

Our choices out there are confusing – our study shows participants are conflicted between what they think they should do and what they are doing. 

Read the white paper to learn what employers need to know about retirement readiness.


Simplify the path to retirement

A next-generation platform of co-manufactured Target Date Funds 

No two plans or participants are alike, and since one size doesn’t necessarily fit all, we have created a next-generation platform of co-manufactured Target Date Fund (TDF) portfolios that offers more ways for employers to help their employees achieve retirement readiness.


Help employers understand how the retirement readiness of their employees can impact their bottom line


The right investment lineup not only drives better outcomes for employees, but it can also can make good business senses too for an employer. Show plan sponsors what the impact of a financially unprepared workforce may have on their bottom line and what actions they can take to address the savings gap and help employees to retire on time and improve their company's bottom line

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1 MassMutual Retirement Savings Risk Study, https://www.massmutual.com//media/Files/MM%20Risk%20Study%20Report.pdf
2 As of 12/31/17; Assets under management include assets and certain external investment funds managed by MassMutual subsidiaries, including Oppenheimer Funds, Inc. and Barings

Target Date Funds may not achieve their objective and or investors could lose money on their investment. They may experience losses near, at, or after the target date. There is no guarantee of the fund’s principal value, including at the target date, or that the fund will provide adequate income at and through the investor’s retirement.