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Capitalize on opportunities while reducing a plan fiduciary’s risk by helping your clients and prospects assess their level of fiduciary support with the Fiduciary Support Analyzer. We know time is of the essence when you are trying to grow a business, so the Fiduciary Support Analyzer tool will provide:


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nine simple questions


real-time feedback




personalized output


In a matter of minutes, your clients and prospects will know more about their fiduciary responsibilities and be inspired to take action to obtain the support they need to meet their fiduciary obligations with ease.


Start using the tool with your clients today!

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What is the Fiduciary Support Analyzer?

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The analyzer helps you add value to plan sponsors, quickly and efficiently! It uses a series of nine questions to uncover if a plan sponsor is possibly at risk of not having enough fiduciary support by assessing their:

  • knowledge of being a fiduciary
  • level of support in meeting their fiduciary responsibilities
  • access to fiduciary resources and tools

How does it work?

The analyzer offers an opportunity for financial professionals to help sponsors evaluate their level of fiduciary support and determine if their current level is the “right amount” for them. Each time a selected answer is indicative of increased risk due to lack of fiduciary support, the risk meter moves further into the red, signifying a need for additional fiduciary support.

As a set of questions is completed, the analyzer will pause to review highlights of the section and to help educate your clients on fiduciary fundamentals, responsibilities and opportunities.

Once all nine questions are completed, you and your client will receive a personalized report via email that will provide a comprehensive picture of their fiduciary support needs, giving you an opportunity to show them how they can garner more fiduciary support and services to meet their obligations with ease.


Our support doesn’t end there

Check out our Fiduciary Resources or Contact us to learn more about MassMutual’s suite of retirement products to help your clients gain access to the fiduciary services they need.