Retirement readiness and the bottom line

A growing number of businesses are becoming more aware of the importance of their employees’ “retirement readiness” and its potential impact on the company’s bottom line, including higher labor costs, increased healthcare premiums and lower productivity due to financial stress.

Real data drives better outcomes

The problem employers face when trying to determine the retirement readiness of their employees is that the analysis of the plan falls short, since it relies on industry averages and benchmarks.

That's why MassMutual developed an innovative way to use real, employer-specific data to help measure retirement readiness, both at the plan level and at the participant level, for a precise diagnosis of the health of your retirement plan. MassMutual will recommend smart solutions to drive action to improve the health of your plan, it’s ability to drive retirement readiness and ultimately your company’s bottom line.


Learn more about how we're driving better plan health outcomes with our eBook, Precisely. Driving Greater Retirement Readiness through MassMutual PlanALYTICS. We believe that company-specific data, innovative technology and ease of insight are critical to helping plan sponsors increase the health of retirement plans.


Driving employee engagement

We understand the importance of getting employees to participate in their company-sponsored retirement savings plan, and we’ve developed a proven strategy to engage employees and encourage them to take action. We can drive better outcomes for plan participants through:

  • Personalized income projection analysis
  • Financial planning tools to help assess and improve retirement readiness
  • Sophisticated targeted messaging
  • Holistic guidance to meet individual budget and lift stage financial needs1

Experience MassMutual

We can help drive better outcomes for your company’s retirement plan and help your employees retire on their own terms.

Call your financial professional, local MassMutual retirement specialist or our sales desk at 1-800-874-2502, or email

1 Guidance may not be available for certain products. Based on MapMyBenefits assumptions and information provided by the employee and employer.