Help plan sponsors use real employee data to measure and increase the number of employees who are retirement ready.


Plan Health Insights

Data analysis can help lead to insights which, when paired with ease of action, are key for improving the health of a retirement plan.


Prescriptive Solutions

Informed by behavioral economics, we can help drive greater plan health through plan design recommendations, participant tools, education, and encouragement.


Data-Driven Results

PlanALYTICS can use real data for every participant to get a realistic picture of a plan’s current health and craft ongoing customized plan recommendations.

Plan Health. Redefined.


Real measurements really matter

We’re upping the ante on the subject of plan health with our eBook, Precisely. Driving Greater Retirement Readiness through MassMutual PlanALYTICS. We believe that data, technology and ease of insight are critical to helping plan sponsors increase the health of retirement plans.



A unique, proven approach

The PlanALYTICS philosophy is brought to life through a unique three-step methodology. Learn more about how PlanALYTICS works to prescribe smart solutions to drive action.



Data integrity

While many other plan health tools use averages to “fill the gaps” in participants’ data, PlanALYTICS uses real data from each participant and seamlessly aggregates measurement and insight up to the plan level. The more data provided, the more precise PlanAYTICS diagnoses can become.

Help your clients’ employees retire on their own terms.

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