Employees can shop, compare and access their benefits online anytime with BeneClick!


All in One

The first benefits exchange that combines insurance protection, healthcare coverage and retirement savings plans on a single platform.


Helpful Tools

Incorporates valuable guidance tools to help employees understand and prioritize the different types of available benefits.


Benefits Made Easy

Streamlines the open enrollment and benefits administration process for you and your employees.

An exclusive solution for more than just enrollment…


Shop by bundles or products

BeneClick! allows your employees to choose recommended benefit bundles or shop a la carte for precisely the products that interest them.


Increase health and productivity

Easy access to answers can reduce incoming calls and email traffic for your HR team, and help employees gain a better understanding of your benefit offerings. In the end, this means that your employees can be more focused and productive.


Makes any smartphone even smarter

BeneClick! stores all employee benefits information in one convenient place. And with the BeneClick! mobile app, they can access their health card and benefits info center anytime, from anywhere.

Discover what BeneClick! can do for your organization.

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